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Completion of preliminary analysis, research, review, investigation and presentation

materials to:

  • Consistently lower costs of professional services

  • Minimise redundancies, losses and errors

  • Expediently meet or surpass relevant deadlines

Consulting services including:

  • Extensive introductory interview(s) and mutual agreement of objectives and services

  • Comprehensive portfolio analysis of personal and corporate financial statements, business plans, credit facilities, estate planning documents, offering memorandums, legal and other relevant documents

  • Coordination and effective communication with related personal and professional stakeholders

Documentation assistance with the completion of stakeholder forms and documents:

  • Profile Statements, Account Opening and Amendment Forms

  • Loan Applications and Government/Policy Forms

  • Business Plans and Presentational Materials

Investigative and preliminary research services for:

  • Venture Capital

  • Personal and Corporate Investment

  • Additional Lines of Business

  • Brokerage of Potential Partnerships

  • Relocation and Expansion

  • Philanthropic Interests

  • Service Providers and Vendors

Activist support and attendance for:

  • Family and Stakeholder Meetings

  • Medical, Legal and Vendor Meetings

Services & Benefits
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