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MacroAdvisory is an advisory and consulting service created by Sole Proprietor, Tasha Jones. Tasha is a financial services professional who has worked since 1998 in a variety of banking, investment and credit capacities for large and smaller financial institutions in Bermuda, California and New York City. Since returning to Bermuda in 2008, she has been providing the highest level of qualified, effective and discretionary service to High Net Worth and Commercial clients to meet their personal and financial needs and objectives.

Using a combination of lifestyle, concierge and family office approaches, MacroAdvisory offers consulting services for individuals, families and businesses to facilitate personal and business solutions for their exclusive advantage.

While each client is unique and requires specialised services and solutions, MacroAdvisory fosters a macro, comprehensive and abundant perspective to achieve success in any endeavour including the generation, preservation, and protection of wealth and prosperity.

Who We Are

Tasha Jones

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